5 weeks since we closed our doors due to Covid:19

5 weeks since we closed our doors due to Covid:19

So, we are now 5 weeks since we closed our doors! The worst 5 weeks to date for us as a business and as I’m sure, for a lot of others in our community. We would firstly like to say a huge thank you to this wonderful community, our customers, our staff, our family, NHS staff and all Essential Workers for all of the support that we have received and that you have given out during this time of need. You have all been an absolute godsend to us and this community – you know who you are! 🌈

🥂 The Millstone, as a business has put its customers and staff firmly at the forefront of every decision and this is why we took the early and overwhelming decision to close the premises on 18th March. We closed our doors to protect our community without any prior knowledge of whether we would be able to continue to pay our bills or protect our staff. Thankfully, the government answered our calls on 20th March and reassured us that a scheme would be put in place to ensure that we could keep and pay all of our wonderful staff and also help to pay our bills, rent, rates and other expenses throughout the coming months.

🥰 The Millstone is a family run business of ours and quite often our 4 children are around and about helping (or hindering) us out!….So, we close our doors, reduce our turnover to zero and what do we do next??

🙏 As very positive, business minded people we start to make a plan but unfortunately, 2 weeks after closing the Millstone, Mark’s dad sadly passed away unexpectedly which undoubtedly has been devastating for the whole family.

🤓 3 weeks on and we have now had the time to take a breather, reflect and plan and more than enough time away from the kitchen at least. So, let’s get back to business!

🍴Starting with our Sunday Roasts!…every Sunday from now on this duo…Mark and Zak (Dad and Son) will be back in that Millstone kitchen! They have been in self isolation for 4 weeks and are raring to go!!

🚙 This will be on a collection only, social distancing basis, between 12-4pm every Sunday. A fresh, Millstone, restaurant style Sunday Roast for you to re-heat at home at a time to suit you! Cooked and served to the highest standards in our 5 star hygiene 🌟 rated kitchen by these two top chefs! 😉

😇 Even better, each week we will be giving away a Millstone family roast dinner to an Essential Worker and the persons living in their household. Please tag your deserving Essential Worker below with a message of thanks to them and they will be entered into our prize drawer and alerted on Saturday 25th April…..

🤳🏼 If you would like to place an order for Sunday lunch pls direct msg, e-mail – [email protected] or txt/call 07732523636.

🌟 This is only the beginning, please expect to hear more exciting things from us over the coming weeks!

In the mean time, stay safe, get ordering them Sunday roasts and we hope to see you all soon, Mark, Beckie, Zak and all of the family 😁